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Your Personal Tarot Card~

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Everyone has one particular tarot card that serves as a special guide to help them in times of contemplation.. In my younger years my card was more often than not the High Priestess... Later on I became the Queen of Hearts (or Cups) and The Empress... Because we all Evolve in one way or another I am now The Queen of Swords! I never try to influence the cards for myself or anyone else! To that end, I am thrilled to be currently associated with The Queen of Swords because the world needs more strong women who can balance femininity with fearless compassion and the ability to defend what She holds dear!

During your reading, whether you choose tarot or not, you may ask me to select your personal card that you can refer to any time you like! I have over 300 decks; so let me know which one you are attracted to the most!

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