Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is everyone psychic?
A:  Not everyone can earn their living as a psychic because it takes a special God-given skill. However, just about anyone can tap into their own intuition. There are different degrees to being psychic, just like with anything else. I firmly believe that psychics are "born this way" and this gift can be cultivated, but not fabricated from thin air, as is the popular belief!

Q: How can readings be as accurate by phone as in person?
A:  Readings are only as good as the person conducting the reading. If a person is really psychic, then we are psychic whether we are on the phone, in person, in an airplane, or deep sea diving. One cannot be separated from their psychic ability anymore than they can change the color of their eyes, or blood type. In my personal experience, I get visions, vibes, visitations, whether I am doing a reading for someone, at the gym or asleep. Many of my clients live in other countries and we've never met, yet they continue to consult me; some for over 30 years.

Q: How often do I need a reading?
A:  No reputable psychic will tell a client how often they need a reading. That decision is entirely up to the questioner. I have clients that call me for 5 minutes every day... and those who call every month, or just on their birthdays... or each New Year's for their yearly forecast. How often a client requires a reading primarily depends on whether they are needing general information, or going through a life-altering crisis. For me, no reading is too large, or too small. I allow my clients the freedom to choose what works best for them, and their wallets!

Q: Is he my 'soul mate'?
A:  About 99% of the time I hear this question, it is from a female who just met someone she feels has rocked her world – and usually the answer is the same: If you have to ask a psychic if "he" is your soul mate, then chances are he is not! We need to bear in mind that not everyone will meet their soul mate in this incarnation. And if we do, chances are it will not be the smoothest of relationships. For a more in-depth study of soul mates, you can attend one of my workshops. It is quite astounding what is revealed about the subject.... If you are reading this and have not met your soul mate, no need to be disheartened, neither have I!!!

Q: What do you think psychic hotlines?
A:  Not much.

Q: Is (fill in the blank) really psychic?
A:  I get asked all the time what I think about this "psychic" or that one. I would never throw anyone under the bus. I will say this, however: psychics, and so-called psychics, are no different from any other profession; there are good and bad ones. And also there is a thing called "chemistry".... Some people are much easier to read for than others. But, in all these years, I have never been stumped, nor has anyone asked for their money back! Unfortunately, sometimes we see clients who intentionally try to block us. In the old days I would be polite and do the reading anyhow. Now, on the rare occasion that someone tries to block me, I send them on their way.... There are too many decent people waiting in the wings to avail me of my time.

Q: Why don't psychics ever win the lottery?
A:  Anyone who asks this question obviously is assuming that no psychic has ever won the lottery. Such is not the case. Another redundant question we get is from people of lower mindsets who ask us what color underwear they are wearing... I usually ignore such people and their questions. But once in a while I am in a playful mood, so I freak them out.

Q: What is my life's purpose/mission?
A:  This question, though well intended, is one that I prefer not to answer. Of course, I do if the questioner insists. But, each of us has the wherewithal to know in our hearts what our purpose is... and if we don't, it is our duty (and gift) to ourselves to commence the journey of discovering our mission. I have known my entire life what my purpose is. Not everyone is afforded that luxury. Perhaps it is better to learn for ourselves and embrace every moment of the journey, whether it takes months, years, or decades. I believe that if someone isn't sure what their mission is, then perhaps their mission is just that – taking the journey which will eventually reveal to them what they need to know. Of course, I am always there for those who are on such a quest. Once they get the hang of it, great synchronicities abound for the rest of their lives!