Cleansing With Sage

by Mary Ellen on September 14, 2012 25 Comments

Sage is an excellent way cleanse your aura, home, and workspace from negativity. The method of cleansing with Sage is also called "smudging." It is important to use dried Sage packets (bundles) in a ceramic or glass bowl; or my personal preference, an abalone seashell. Sand in a deep clay bowl is what I use to extinguish the smoldering Sage afterward.

Once you light the tip of the Sage stick well, blow out the flame and fan the smoke with a feather (or your hand) over that which is being cleansed. The same applies if you are saging a room or your entire home.

There is no right or wrong way to use Sage in cleansing rituals... I suggest that people go with their instincts. Some instructional guides insist that all the windows and doors in the area be closed, while some say quite the opposite and that you should ...

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