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by Mary Ellen on June 19, 2012 31 Comments

Just a brief comment from me to say that requests for my Mediumship skills have become increasingly greater in 2012.... Bear in mind that not all Psychics are Mediums and not all Mediums are Psychic! I happen to be both. But in the interest of time, let me just say that spirits do not simply bounce around this Earth plane trying to communicate with you that is a misconception, and why we see so many people out there claiming to be Mediums.

I have no intention of throwing anybody under the bus, but for the love of God, do your research when looking for a Medium. If you know me, then you are aware that I usually discourage the use of Mediums unless it is an extreme situation. If you want to contact your dearly departed loved one, which also includes your pets, all you have to do is talk ...

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