by Mary Ellen on February 26, 2012 26 Comments

Q: Is everyone psychic?
A:  Not everyone can earn their living as a psychic because it takes a special God-given skill. However, just about anyone can tap into their own intuition. There are different degrees to being psychic, just like with anything else. I firmly believe that psychics are "born this way" and this gift can be cultivated, but not fabricated from thin air, as is the popular belief!

Q: How can readings be as accurate by phone as in person?
A:  Readings are only as good as the person conducting the reading. If a person is really psychic, then we are psychic whether we are on the phone, in person, in an airplane, or deep sea diving. One cannot be separated from their psychic ability anymore than they can change the color of their eyes, or blood type. In my personal experience, I get visions, vibes, visitations, whether I ...

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Quotes and Sayings

by Mary Ellen on February 10, 2012 27 Comments

“Tell me and I will forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I will understand.”

―Chinese proverb

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