Tuesday Tarot Card ~ Nov 12, 2013

November 13, 2013 40 Comments

Our card for today is called "Willy Wagtail" and it is in the upright position...The number 33 governs this card... I was gifted with the most unusual deck called "Oracle of the Dreamtime: Australian Aboriginal Tarot" by Donni Hakanson some years back by my girlfriend Doncella... She was in possession of the deck as it was gifted to her by a girlfriend of hers, neither of whom felt comfortable with it... I suppose the third time is a charm because it has been with me ever since... I have to say that I only use this deck with a select group of my clients because it is not for everyone!

It is said that "Willy Wagtail" is a symbol of upcoming pregnancies (don't look at me), and it brings the Spirits of unborn children to their Mothers... When pregnancies are impossible to fathom, we can look at this as the birth of a new relationship or endeavor... 

"Willy Wagtail" is a bird, and some Aboriginal people consider him a messenger from the Great Spirit; always with an important greeting.... ***We are all being given messages in one form or another... It is up to each one of us to listen with our inner most feelings for personal synchronicities and hunches.... And then to listen collectively for messages directed at the Universal Consciousness that can create Healing... It is certainly worth a try.

On a more mundane level, "Willy Wagtail" highlights anything to do with communication...The fact that he is upright is good, but we still need to be on our best behavior.... He will bring an increase in all sorts of communication, be it from one person to another... Or even information we get from the newspaper and the media, which must be taken with a grain of salt to avoid media overload!

We are urged today to avoid gossip and/or second hand information... It is fine to discuss each other in a helpful and caring way... But now is NOT the time to bare false witness!!!

"Willy" also asks that we tie up loose ends as best we can... Promises should be kept, or not made in the first place... If there is any unfinished business we can become stagnant and blocked.... We must free ourselves from that which no longer serves our spiritual evolution...

Above all, honor yourselves, your loved ones and whomever else may cross your path.... Be reliable, punctual and honest in all your dealings and we will get through this transition together, hopefully with flying colors!!!

Many thanks to those who share my pages and updates... And to those who like and comment! You have a special place in my heart.. And, a special Shout Out to all our animal rescuers and volunteers... This season is going to be a doozy because we are having record cold climates and we can't get to every dog and cat in time... Your local animal shelters and private rescuers need blankets, food and supplies... I appreciate the good Samaritans who help me help the animals....

So be it, Love and Blessed Be... ~MEA~

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I often get emotionally involved. Like when I read your post, I can cry, laugh, sad, funny, depending on your written words. I think you are a sensitive person.

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