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by Mary Ellen on October 29, 2017 9 Comments

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Attention Twitter Followers!

by Mary Ellen on January 24, 2014 30 Comments

***If you are my Twitter follower at PsychicMEA deduct $5. from your next reading or counseling session of 10 minutes or longer.

2014 Special! (Good until December 31, 2014)

by Mary Ellen on January 24, 2014 34 Comments

Anyone who refers me to at least 3 new clients may deduct $30. off their next reading or counseling session of 30 minutes or longer!

Tuesday Tarot Card ~ Nov 19, 2013

by Mary Ellen on November 20, 2013 26 Comments

Today's card has been selected from my deck of Angel Cards by Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake... Theoretically, they aren't Tarot Cards... They are actually tiny little cards that can fit in the palm of your hands... Each of them has a positive message, unlike the Tarot... Today's message is "Understanding"....

I keep my Angel Cards in a small basket on my coffee table... Anyone who visits immediately goes to the basket, closes their eyes and pulls out a card... Then the gasps begin as the card is always exactly what they needed to hear at the moment... Part of that is their intent to draw a meaningful card, and part is my continual affirming that the cards will nourish and strengthen whomever puts faith in them...

When I conducted my monthly women's group meetings, the first thing we did was gather in a circle ...

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Tuesday Tarot Card ~ Nov 12, 2013

by Mary Ellen on November 13, 2013 40 Comments

Our card for today is called "Willy Wagtail" and it is in the upright position...The number 33 governs this card... I was gifted with the most unusual deck called "Oracle of the Dreamtime: Australian Aboriginal Tarot" by Donni Hakanson some years back by my girlfriend Doncella... She was in possession of the deck as it was gifted to her by a girlfriend of hers, neither of whom felt comfortable with it... I suppose the third time is a charm because it has been with me ever since... I have to say that I only use this deck with a select group of my clients because it is not for everyone!

It is said that "Willy Wagtail" is a symbol of upcoming pregnancies (don't look at me), and it brings the Spirits of unborn children to their Mothers... When pregnancies are impossible to fathom, we can look at this ...

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Tuesday Tarot Card ~ Nov 5, 2013

by Mary Ellen on November 6, 2013 31 Comments

Today's Tuesday Tarot Card is the Eight of Pentacles in the upright position... Pentacles are also referred to most often as Coins or Diamonds and signify money, work, or the lack thereof...

Before I begin, let me just say that there is absolutely nothing evil about Pentacles as they relate to Tarot Cards, or as symbols of protection... Through years of misinterpretation and bickering (I am putting that mildly) between Christians and Pagans, misconceptions abound on both sides of that coin! (Pardon the pun)...

Since I don't really consider myself a Christian or a Pagan, I can look at this from an objective standpoint... It would be nice if everyone was open and tolerant of each others belief systems... 

Today I chose my Tarot of the Moon deck by Karen Marie Sweikhardt, which is the most popular with my clients, some of whom are devout Christians!!!

The ...

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Tuesday Tarot Card ~ Oct 29, 2013

by Mary Ellen on November 2, 2013 35 Comments

The Hierophant in the upright position is one of the 22 Major Arcana cards.... He is also called the High Priest and can represent the Pope, president, or a man of high stature.... This is a card of power, forethought, decisions and knowledge (hidden or revealed).. When this card falls within your reading you are being guided to claim you inner power and bring it forth as a symbol of leadership... You might be called upon to be a strong role model in the lives of those not yet equipped to exert their leadership qualities... The Hierophant for the most part is wise, although if he misuses his power the results can be disastrous!

The Hierophant card is especially fortuitous when he falls next to the High Priestess in a reading.. If they are both in the upright position then chances are you are headed for a very special relationship ...

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Que Sera, Sera

by Mary Ellen on October 27, 2013 4 Comments

Being on the road and taking a much needed break does wonders for a woman of a ''certain age''... Perspectives, conjectures, breaking news, and the constant bombardment of social media was replaced  with a week of  Hamptons brunches and soirees, which for my body and soul is quite an elixir... Not that I didn't check in for a peek on Facebook, only this time I limited myself to 5-minute daily intervals which is quite empowering! I paid no mind to who is sleeping with whom, Obamacare, Miley Cyrus, or the private messages I get from people who have no intention of paying me for my services....

As all good things must come to an end (so they say), so does my week of heaven on earth; (at least for now)! It is back to the homespun, sweet tea, back porch music of the good ole South until I return ...

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Cleansing With Sage

by Mary Ellen on September 14, 2012 25 Comments

Sage is an excellent way cleanse your aura, home, and workspace from negativity. The method of cleansing with Sage is also called "smudging." It is important to use dried Sage packets (bundles) in a ceramic or glass bowl; or my personal preference, an abalone seashell. Sand in a deep clay bowl is what I use to extinguish the smoldering Sage afterward.

Once you light the tip of the Sage stick well, blow out the flame and fan the smoke with a feather (or your hand) over that which is being cleansed. The same applies if you are saging a room or your entire home.

There is no right or wrong way to use Sage in cleansing rituals... I suggest that people go with their instincts. Some instructional guides insist that all the windows and doors in the area be closed, while some say quite the opposite and that you should ...

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About Mediumship

by Mary Ellen on June 19, 2012 31 Comments

Just a brief comment from me to say that requests for my Mediumship skills have become increasingly greater in 2012.... Bear in mind that not all Psychics are Mediums and not all Mediums are Psychic! I happen to be both. But in the interest of time, let me just say that spirits do not simply bounce around this Earth plane trying to communicate with you that is a misconception, and why we see so many people out there claiming to be Mediums.

I have no intention of throwing anybody under the bus, but for the love of God, do your research when looking for a Medium. If you know me, then you are aware that I usually discourage the use of Mediums unless it is an extreme situation. If you want to contact your dearly departed loved one, which also includes your pets, all you have to do is talk ...

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Martha at the shelter before we rescued her...
Mary Ellen
Popeye, saved from the knackers.
Molly Elizabeth, adopted from Four Seasons Boxer Rescue